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Corporate Health Assessments
Are your employees fit and healthy? With a health assessment, the physical condition of your employees is examined. Following this, advice and guidance from our professional health experts can be given.


This can include specialized fitness testing and monitoring, individual training programmes and personal guidance, team training sessions and events. Exercise, diet and general lifestyles are all considered. The fitness assessment consists of various tests that lead to a profile of overall fitness.

Corporate Health & Wellness Seminars

Our Health seminars provide refreshing, unbiased information on healthy eating, disease prevention and stress free living. These seminars are presented by fully qualified nutrition experts, health practitioners and highly skilled presenters. Participants walk away revitalized with practical information to incorporate into their lifestyles for long-term health and well -being.


Corporate Exercise Classes
Exercise classes are a great way to improve the general health and fitness levels of the employee. Motivation and morale can also be improved leading to better self-esteem and a strong feel good factor. There are several different types of classes from Aerobics, Yoga to Meditation and Motivation. All classes are suitable for varying ages and various physical abilities. Less or no equipment is needed.


Corporate Fitness Consulting
Many companies now provide their own private gym and health club facilities for their employees to work out in. We can put a package together to suit your requirements from the conception stage and take it through the opening and maintenance. We can advise you on what the most appropriate equipment to purchase depending on budget, how best to layout the equipment and counsel on the look and feel of the place.



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