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Premium Health & Environmental Content
Over the years, Green Coalition has built a fully indexed and peer-reviewed database of Health and environmental content namely - Enviroworks™ and Vitaworks™. This database is continuously updated and can be used as a research and educational resource. Our Health content coverage includes a braod range of topics including almost all heath conditions, diseases besides vitamins, minerals, nutrients, herbs, plants, nutraceuticals and traditional supplements.


We sell and market this information in the form of news features, health & environmental articles, actual case studies, reserach reports, editorial essays etc to newspapers, magazines and web portals worldwide.

If you are a publisher or an editor or if you are a planning a newsletter, running a campaign on a particular health condition or interested in pursuing research on a particular supplement, we can offer you unbiased (ready to print or custom made) authentic health and environemntal information at a very economical cost.


Consider the outstanding Benefits that only Green Coalition can offer


Consumercentric Content: Our content is remarkably different from other health and environemntal information providers. Our consumer centric content not only educates but it's also lucidly written and designed in such a way to reach the maximum audience and help people make informed decisions.


Peer Reviewed: Our in house editorial panel of board certified doctors and health practitioners professionally review all health content before it is added to our database. This ensures that appropriate, balanced evidence supports any claims relating to the benefits of a specific treatment, commercial product or service.


Referenced: Our content is referred against the latest available certified textbooks and journals to ensure accuracy and safety. Wherever possible, we list the references used along with the content being developed. No doubt, you get high-quality, content that you can rely on.


Unbiased: Our content is 100% free from commercial bias. Business and Non-Business partners who provide advertising, funding, services or materials for Green Coalition's activities do not influence our medical content. Green Coalition does not endorse any company, organisation, institution, technology or product. Furthermore, Green Coalition requires that authors report any conflict of interest (eg, financial interest in any medical companies, pharmaceutical funding of topic-related research) and posts any such declaration in each of the authors' articles.


Economical: Green Coalition is dedicated to providing latest health and environmental information at the most reasonable cost. Our economical pricing reflects the commitment of Green Coalition to disseminate knowledge to the widest possible audience, including individuals, groups, or populations that may not otherwise have access to such information.


All content enquiries can be forwarded to epress at greencoalition.net




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